Providing executive summaries on intellectual property matters to your clients

December 18, 2015

5274An easy way to impress clients and launch meaningful discussions with about steps that can be taken to enhance the value of their intellectual property portfolio is to have a library of client executive summaries on Gutterman WLEC bannerintellectual property matters available for distribution.  Sounds daunting, I know.  But, we’ve got a place for you to start.  Take a look at the templates for client executive summaries on US law and practice and international protection have been added to the following chapters in Business Transactions Solution: on Patents (§§ 196:1 et seq.), Copyrights (§§ 197:1 et seq.), Trademarks (§§ 198:1 et seq.), Trade Secrets (§§ 199:1 et seq.) and Trade Secret Protection Programs (§§ 201:1 et seq.).  You can download them and use them to draft your own client marketing tools.  However, don’t forget to keep your library updated and send new information to your clients in the form of “alerts”.

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