Practical Law Feature Article: International Litigation: Applying Foreign Law in US Litigation

March 20, 2014

Practical Law logo newWhen litigation concerns international parties, issues of foreign law are often introduced. A party’s decision to bring a cause of action under foreign law or to apply foreign law to the facts of litigation taking place in a US district court is a critical and strategic one that affects how a case is proven. An application of foreign law may influence many aspects of litigation, such as when a party must raise a conflict of laws issue and the type of evidence permitted in proving foreign law or the damages available to a party.

The new Practical Law Practice Note, linked below, examines the steps necessary to introduce questions of foreign law into US litigation. The Note also provides links to other Practical Law resources concerning the unique issues raised by international litigation.

To read the full Practice Note, visit International Litigation: Applying Foreign Law in US Litigation.