A Non-Technical Corporate Counsel’s Guide to IT

February 4, 2014

Internet BackgroundThe data security breaches in 2013 were enough to make any corporate counsel scared. While your IT department is constantly working on data security, Anne-Marie Scollay,  senior manager of IT Operations for Serengeti, stresses it is increasingly important that all employees, corporate counsel in particular, to be aware of data security and the implications of any issues.  Anne-Marie offers five actionable suggestions for you and your entire legal department.

  1. Know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to data security.
  2. Put information security at the forefront of your employee’s thoughts.
  3. Remember that the Cloud is neither inherently insecure nor inherently secure.
  4. Be aware of technology solutions adopted by your business and the reasons why.
  5. Be a savvy technology user – professionally and personally.

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