Improve Corporate Legal Departments’ Efficiency and Productivity

July 16, 2013

business transactionsGiven the increasing potential cost and frequency of litigation, corporate legal departments need the tools to adapt in today’s changing legal environment. While corporate legal professionals can sometimes find generalized guidance for making the most of limited corporate resources, it can be much more difficult to find the solutions to your unique demands.

To bridge this gap, Thomson Reuters is excited to offer live online Litigation Workflow Solutions webinar sessions. By combining an educational training session with the ability to ask YOUR particular questions, you’ll have an opportunity to learn about how Thomson Reuters’ Workflow Solutions have streamlined the litigation process and can save hundreds to thousands of billable hours for your department specifically.

Whether it’s drafting court documents, or sifting through terabytes of e-discovery materials Thomson Reuters can help your legal department “get more done with less” and still stay in the black.

Drafting Assistant brings all the tools and information you need to one place. Having to start a new draft from scratch can be overwhelming and stressful. Learn what Drafting Assistant offers to help you enhance your productivity and keep you organized and efficient with the first litigation webinar today, July 16th.

With Case Notebook you can organize, analyze, and share essential case information all in one centralized electronic database.  Keeping vast amounts of case documents organized and accessible is no longer a problem. Learn how to easily make connections between key facts, documents, transcripts, people and legal research with the Case Notebook webinar on July 23rd.

Interested in cutting down time on document reviewing and production?  Case Logistix offers you a quick and simple way to review case files throughout the entire discovery process.  Learn how to save you and your staff time on administrating and prioritizing documents in the new webinar on July 30th.

Whether engaging in the court room or monitoring the progress of our outside firm Thomson Reuters can provide the software solutions to get the most out of your legal department. Streamline your work flows all while saving yourself time, and your company money. Join us for any of our online training sessions and see which software solution can meet your specific company needs. Register now!