How do you know your internal clients are happy? Ask them

August 16, 2016

check-listAs an internal legal department, there are a number of reasons why you would want to send out a client satisfaction survey. According to Sterling Miller, it helps you gather helpful data and comments about how the legal department is performing and how it is perceived throughout the organization. You can also use the survey as a tool to market and promote legal by reminding people that the department is there, that it provides valuable services to the company.

As you create your survey, there a many things you should keep in mind:

  • What is the purpose of the survey? What do you really want to know?
  • What tools can I use? There are many excellent free online survey programs.
  • What should I ask? Market researchers carefully craft their questions, you can use some of their suggestions – or simply see what other departments have done online.
  • Remind the user that it is confidential! No one wants to get in trouble for their responses.
  • Who you send the survey to and how often
  • Whose responses are most important? Often people will weigh the responses of executives or frequent users higher than that of individual contributors
  • How will you analyze the results? It’s important to remember that you will get negative feedback, but be sure to slice and dice the data to find the real story.
  • Share the results! With your team and others in the company. If they took it they probably are curious what others said.
  • Create an action plan. Use the data to improve your department – if you don’t it wasn’t worth doing the survey in the first place.

Get much more detail on how to perform a client satisfaction survey from the article, “The Insider: Creating a client satisfaction survey” by Sterling Miller.