Harnessing Young Brainpower at the Allen Institute for Brain Science

January 30, 2014

brain powerWhat do you do when your organization has the opportunity to change the world – but you’re short on the legal workforce to get all the work done? You pioneer an internship program that not only supports your non-profit organization’s mission but also serves to educate and support young lawyers. Maja Larson, General Counsel at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, has done just that since 2008, bringing interns in-house and giving them weighty responsibilities that support the non-profit’s lofty goal of accelerating the understanding of how the human brain works in health and disease.

Hear both from Maja Larson as she talks about the genesis of Allen Institute’s program and the differences between its interns and the traditional summer associate, and catch the other side of the internship story with the individual Maja describes as one of the best hires of her career, Lemuel Navarro, former intern and a current third-year lawyer with the Allen Institute.

Maja Larson Lemuel Navarro