Drafting Tool Cuts Proofreading Time in Half, According to New Study

February 25, 2013


“Did I miss something?”

It’s the question that keeps attorneys up at night. When reviewing documents, lawyers typically take a number of measures to ensure that their drafts are proofread and error-free, including hand markups, spellcheck and even having a colleague review the documents. Anecdotally, lawyers report that these methods are tedious and time consuming – and even then, they’re not foolproof.

Business Law Solutions recently conducted a study of 56 attorneys to better understand whether drafting technology created efficiency gains in their drafting and reviewing processes over their previous traditional manual review processes. All study participants were active users of Drafting Assistant – Transactional for more than two months.

The study found that those who used the drafting tool reported dramatic time savings–when compared to the traditional manual review process, as well as a dramatic reduction in the risk of document errors. Ninety-three percent of participants strongly agreed that the tool caught items they might have otherwise missed, and 91% strongly agreed that it saved them time while reviewing documents.

Other major findings included:

  • 82% reduction in time spent cross-checking defined terms
  • 61% reduction in time spent reviewing their own documents
  • 60% reduction in time spent reviewing the other side’s documents
  • 60% reduction in time spent reviewing a colleague’s documents

These findings suggest that attorneys who have traditionally relied on manual processes for drafting and proofreading stand to realize significant efficiency and accuracy gains by incorporating drafting tools into their review process.