For over ten years the Pangea3 team at Thomson Reuters has been the leader in legal process outsourcing, allowing corporations and law firms to save valuable time and money on resource-intensive tasks. But cost savings and speed are just parts of a larger puzzle. With its finger on the pulse of changing industry needs, Thomson Reuters has re-envisioned the future of legal process outsourcing services. Legal Managed Services is composed to deliver results on a global scale, allowing you to expand capacity, improve efficiency and leverage your internal resources more effectively. We use cutting-edge technology to help corporations and law firms solve increasingly complex and expensive challenges.

Legal Outsourcing: The Salutary Trend Continues

Aug 9, 2012 By: Legal Solutions

After a three year study on the effect increased globalization and technology has made to the legal industry, the American Bar Association

Integrating Predictive Coding: A Defensible Process

Jun 28, 2012 By: Legal Solutions

The topic of predictive coding has generated numerous heated debates relating to its appropriateness in the document review process. Monday, June 18th’s Wall Street Journal article on predictive coding marked the latest top tier news entry into the debate, highlighting the impact of predictive coding on document intensive litigation.

Indian Legal System: An Insight

Apr 6, 2009 By: Legal Solutions

As Pangea3 has grown, our clients have from time-to-time inquired about the legal and education systems in India. The inquiries have predominantly

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