Tips and tricks on the most effective and efficient ways to use WestlawNext. Tip of the Week is a weekly post that provides a helpful research tip. A tip might recommend a particular research process, or explain how to use a particular feature. Tip of the Week also introduces new features and enhancements on WestlawNext so you’re always up to date on how WestlawNext can help you research better.

Find Cases Faster: How to Search Editorial Enhancements On WestlawNext

Jun 24, 2014 By: Ben Petersburg

The vast majority of cases on WestlawNext have already been read, summarized, and classified according to topic. Follow the strategies below to research more efficiently.

Tip of the Week: Assign firm users to multiple matters

Apr 14, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

Do you have a Firm Central user that needs to be added to multiple matters? Or all matters? Firm Central makes adding users to matters easy!

Tip of the Week: Using the client portal in Firm Central

Mar 17, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

The client portal is a secure place to share information and communicate with clients via an easy-to-use online interface.

Tip of the Week: Type Ahead

Mar 10, 2014 By: Jessica Johnson

Recently, WestlawNext improved a current tool, type ahead, to assist with finding cases and dockets.

Tip of the Week: New topics in the Key Number System on WestlawNext

Mar 3, 2014 By: Jessica Johnson

The law is dynamic and continually evolving, and the West Key Number System® on WestlawNext® develops alongside it.

Tip of the Week: Historical Statutes on Westlaw Next

Feb 24, 2014 By: Jessica Nelson

Understanding legislative intent behind statutes often requires examining older versions of that law. There are several ways to do this on WestlawNext.

Tip of the Week: Custom Pages

Feb 17, 2014 By: Jessica Johnson

Custom Pages in WestlawNext gives you the ability to create and customize a page for your specific research needs.

Tip of the Week: How to Find Treaties on WestlawNext

Jan 27, 2014 By: Ben Petersburg

WestlawNext contains a wealth of treaties to which the United States is a party, as well as many other countries’ international agreements. Here are some tips to help you find the treaty you are looking for.

Tip of the Week: Creating custom fields in Firm Central

Jan 20, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

Have a field that you’d like to use in Firm Central? No problem! Simply create a custom field for matter or contact/client forms. Here’s how.

Tip of the Week: Creating Form Sets in Form Builder

Jan 13, 2014 By: Legal Solutions

It’s a real time-saver to be able to find all the forms you need for a matter and build them all at

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