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Survey Finds New Structures, But No Decline in Inversions

Jan 27, 2016 By: Craig Eastland

I.R.S. efforts have failed to slow the rate at which U.S. companies reincorporate abroad, instead inspiring a number of tweaks to the classical inversion model.

New Department of Labor rule will extend overtime to millions of workers

Jan 26, 2016 By: Jeremy Byellin

When it becomes final, a Department of Labor rule will increase the salary threshold for workers to automatically qualify for overtime pay from $23,660 a year to $50,440.

Drafting Letters of Intent the Sale of a Controlling Interest in a Corporation

Jan 12, 2016 By: Alan Gutterman

One method for acquiring ownership and control of another corporation is to enter into a stock purchase arrangement.

Legal Counsel for Sales and Distribution Activities

Dec 30, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

Attorneys can provide more value to their business clients when they fully understand the business and the industry within which it operates.

Providing executive summaries on intellectual property matters to your clients

Dec 18, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

An easy way to impress clients is to have a library of client executive summaries on intellectual property matters available for distribution.

Helping Clients Launch an Effective Technology Management Program

Dec 7, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

From the very time they are launched, companies need to engage in a careful and deliberate policies and practices pertaining to technology and other intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property in the Employment Relationship

Nov 24, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

This month’s update to Business Transactions Solutions includes a new chapter on Intellectual Property in the Employment Relationship (ยงยง 203:1 et seq.).

Business Counselors Need to Understand and Respect Organizational Culture

Nov 17, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

The culture of a particular organization is created and maintained by its members, and they are also the ones who can change and transform the culture.

New Business Counselor’s Guides on Strategic Planning

Nov 10, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

On and after Tuesday, November 10th, you’ll have an opportunity to listen to the Business Counselor Institute’s new program on “Helping Your Clients Prepare and Use Business Plans” which is being presented with the support of West Legal Ed Center.

Business counselor’s practice toolkit for counseling of the purchasing function

Nov 2, 2015 By: Alan Gutterman

Business counselors can add significant value for their client by understanding the needs of the purchasing function and providing the necessary support with regard to contracts, policies and procedures and compliance guidelines.

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