The Biggest Takeaway From Law School Orientation

Sep 11, 2015 By: Samuel Berbano

As you begin your journey into the legal profession, you might be hearing many unfamiliar terms. Some are ordinary words with different meanings inside a law school!

My Alternative Legal Career: Teaching and Technology

Feb 9, 2015 By: Samuel Berbano

How can we, as lawyers, make sense of all the information in our practice? If you’re passionate about answering that question, you can find opportunities in the New Normal.

Two Steps for Better Exam Prep

Oct 24, 2014 By: Samuel Berbano

Better hypos by using WestlawNext!

Making the right first impression to the court

Feb 25, 2014 By: Samuel Berbano

It’s always important to make the right first impression — and even more so when that first impression is to the court.

No Bar Exam, No Problem?

Feb 7, 2014 By: Samuel Berbano

Iowa is considering getting rid of its bar exam for some applicants, and I’m all for it. After all, there are three questions that aren’t on the bar exam that new lawyers face in practice.

Top-Ten Tactics for Triumphing Over Law School

Apr 25, 2013 By: Samuel Berbano

With less than a month to go before graduation, I’ve been asked, “would you do it all over again?” In true Socratic fashion, the answer’s a “yes…if.” Yes, I would do it again…if I could change some things and keep others the same.

Networking for Law Students: Some Opening Moves

Apr 8, 2013 By: Samuel Berbano

The business world thrives on new connections, because new connections lead to new business. Networking is the main way people make those connections. Do it well, and you can meet new people, learn from their experiences, and go to some really stunning receptions.

Foreign languages for law students

Mar 28, 2013 By: Samuel Berbano

Three tips to learn, master, or keep up a second language. Learning another language opens personal and professional opportunities. It’s great for

Law School Advocacy Competitions the Westlaw Way

Mar 20, 2013 By: Samuel Berbano

This week, we’ll be talking about using Westlaw secondary sources in your preparation for law school advocacy competitions. Here are three tips with a few spoilers for Thursday’s event.

Law Students can learn from Jean Valjean

Mar 12, 2013 By: Samuel Berbano

The latest blockbusters tell us some things about law school. We’re talking about Les Misérables and legal volunteering. In a story full of selfish characters, Jean Valjean was always putting others first. His example is worth following.

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