NTSB Documents

Dec 14, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

As you are no doubt aware, the National Transporation Safety Board announced recently that it is recommending a nation-wide ban on the

Happy Birthday DMCA (Watch Your Back, Safe Harbors)

Oct 28, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

On this day, in 1998, PL 105-304 became effective.  That makes the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) about the same age as

Supreme Court Tip: Finding Mr. Justice Elena Kagan

Oct 12, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

Nina Totenberg owns the Supreme Court beat.  Her recent 8 minute piece on Clarence Thomas’ influence on the Supreme Court is not

Supreme Court Tip: This Term’s Merit Cases

Oct 5, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

A very common question for Reference Attorneys is how to find this term’s Supreme Court cases?  One response is, why research when

Supreme Court Search Tips: Contentious Cert Denials

Oct 3, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

How does one find Supreme Court cases where certiorari was denied, but the dissenting opinion states that the Justice writing the dissent

Supreme Court Search Tips for the New Term

Oct 3, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

The librarians at the University of Houston O’Quinn library offer these great search tips for searching concurring and dissenting opinions within Supreme Court

Searching Reexaminations

Sep 15, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

Considering the number of calls we get on this topic and the fact that the America Invents Act substantially changes the post-grant

Hot Case: 11th Circuit on Health Care

Aug 12, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

Earlier today, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion on the constitutionality of the health care law. It should be

Hot Case: Myriad Genetics

Aug 4, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

The Federal Circuit’s July 29 decision in the Myriad Genetics case is on Westlaw at  2011 WL 3211513. In sum, although the

Form that is not a form: 12b-25 filings

Jul 14, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

I want to pass along a simple but important tip from my fellow Reference Attorney, Dan Peplinski.  We receive regular requests for

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