Summer All-Star Break: Mike Tsoi

Jul 27, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

“I think a true legal education is more than reading cases, discussing them on a theoretical level, and taking a 3-hour exam. 

Summer All Star Break: Natasha Phillips

Jul 24, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

[Editors’ Note :  Reference Attorneys speak to Summer Associates very regularly.  It’s fair to say, our Summers are busy.  Every year we’re

Note to Summers: Tips from Law Librarians

May 17, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

Tips for Summer Associates from law schools are commonplace.  Earlier, we referenced NYU’s memo.  Citing the New York Law Journal, the University

5 Nuggets of Summer Associate Wisdom

May 15, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

These days, tips for summer associates come in many forms. This NYU Memo is a gem – hat tip Constitutional Daily. Throughout

Leading Ohioans

Mar 6, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

Super Tuesday is upon us, and this seems as good a time as any to reflect on the intersection of Ohio, the

Searching for those record number of utility patents

Jan 6, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

Dennis Crouch recently noted that more U.S. utility patents were issued in 2011 than in any other year. We emulated his  research

Small Claims Flash Mob

Dec 29, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

“Small Claims Flash Mob.”  That’s what the LA Times is calling an enterprising Californian’s efforts to dissuade class members from settling their

Christmas Searches

Dec 24, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

Search results for ‘christmas’: Patents: U.S. Patent Applications, Granted Patents, and Patent Assignments Combined (US-PAT-COMB and US-PATPRE76): 20,943. I used Thomson Innovation

New AIA Resources on Thomson Reuters LinkedIn Group

Dec 23, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

An impressive collection of  America Invents Act resources (free and paid-for) is being collected at a LinkedIn Group sponsored by Thomson Reuters. 

New Tip Sheet: Statute of Limitation Research Strategies

Dec 21, 2011 By: Mike Carlson

Westlaw Reference Attorneys are outlining strategies for some of our customer’s most common and challenging research tasks. Bill Josten just completed, Statutes

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