Sandy Affecting Legal Deadlines

Nov 4, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

Deadline extensions for legal proceedings due to Hurricane Sandy are being reported by several news outlets.  Thomson Reuters News and Insight references 

To our customers impacted by Hurricane Sandy:

Oct 31, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

A message from Bob Azman:   To our customers impacted by Hurricane Sandy: We understand that the full extent of the damage

The Westlaw Editorial Process

Sep 14, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

This week, WestlawInsider began a series describing our editorial process.  See The Westlaw Editorial Process: While the text of the decision is

Your Tech’s Patent App Pendency

Sep 13, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

This week, Patently-O touches on an issue common among our patent researchers: what’s the average pendency for an application? Reducing patent pendency

Copyright Bots a Growing Industry?

Sep 7, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

Wired has an article on the proliferation of digital fingerprinting technologies that identify and block allegedly infringing live video streams.  A number

Westlaw Insider – Week in Review

Sep 3, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

Here’s a review of top blog posts from WestlawInsider for the week of August 27th: Today in 1935: The first “neutrality act”

Agency Tweets as “Guidance”

Aug 24, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

Here’s a query we could use your help with.  We continue to field questions about whether a tweet or other social media

Summer All-Star Break: Saba Syed

Aug 23, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

[Eds.  This is the last in our series profiling this year’s summer associates.] “You can’t separate the business out from the legal

Summer All-Star Break*: Iain Johnson

Aug 9, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

“I think it’s nice to deal with real facts. It’s not a hypothetical or an exam.  These are real people or real

Summer All-Star Break*: Justin Seitz

Aug 6, 2012 By: Mike Carlson

“When you actually get inside a law firm you learn that there is a very human side to the law. You have

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