Secondary Sources – Lifesavers for Law Students

Sep 4, 2013 By: Megan McKinney Downs

As a law student you will be asked to research topics and areas of law that you know very little about. Secondary sources are the best way to build your base knowledge of legal concepts so that you may approach your case law and statutory research with better understanding and forethought.

More fun with filters – Filtering by date and jurisdiction

Aug 9, 2013 By: Megan McKinney Downs

When you are conducting legal research, you always want to make sure that you have the most recent cases with the highest

Law Students Guide to Adding Favorites to WestlawNext

Jun 13, 2013 By: Megan McKinney Downs

Favorites are designed to make your legal research go faster by placing the types of content you use most frequently in your WestlawNext homepage.

A Primer for Regulations for Law Students

Apr 18, 2013 By: Megan McKinney Downs

If you have never taken (or never plan to take) an administrative code class, researching regulations can be confusing and difficult. Understanding what a regulation is and the difference between a regulation and a statute, will lead to a much more successful research quest.

Limiting Keyciting Citing References in Heavily Cited Rules or Statutes

Mar 19, 2013 By: Megan McKinney Downs

Keyciting is an excellent way to find specific case law interpreting rules and statutes that you’re researching.