Evolution of Legal Technology: A Look Back

Jan 9, 2013 By: Max Zawojski

As an attorney practicing at small technologically progressive law firm, it is interesting to reflect on how things used to be, technologically speaking, 15 years ago

Independent Thinking: Best Practices for a Different Practice Area

Dec 11, 2012 By: Max Zawojski

Bankruptcy Considerations for Non-Bankruptcy Attorneys Whether it is collecting fees from a former client, dealing with a defendant who threatens file bankruptcy,

Independent Thinking: The Sliding Scale Dilemma- Attorney Fees

Oct 2, 2012 By: Max Zawojski

Personally, I avoid adjusting my fees. Whether you choose to do so based on: The clients ability to pay The complexity of

Independent Thinking: Alternative Ways to Network

Sep 18, 2012 By: Max Zawojski

Everyone who practices law understands the importance of networking, but very few people approach it with anything that resembles enthusiasm. And why