Social Media Law Roundup – Nov. 4-15, 2010

Nov 15, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

A groundbreaking legal case was the big news for Social Media Law this past week. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled that it is generally okay for employees to criticize or question their bosse on social networking sites.

One Expensive Election

Nov 4, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

Several stories have noted that the amount of money spent on this year’s election will easily break the previous record for money spent on a midterm election. Not only are the candidates themselves spending freely, but outside groups have also been pouring money into the election like never before.

Has My Patent Been Litigated?

Nov 3, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

The single most frequent question we get about patent research is how to determine if an individual patent has been involved in litigation.

Social Media Law Round-up Oct. 22- Nov. 3, 2010

Nov 3, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

Be careful what you post on social media venues! Your opinions will become public record, and could be used in the courts.

Sign It and Seal with A Kiss (now with a British accent!)

Nov 1, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

Since the U.S. owes British courts for the much of its common law, it is refreshing to see the British take a page from our book. For better – or for worse – it appears that a common American legal tool is gaining in importance in British courts – The Pre-Nuptial Agreement.

Social Media Law Round-up Oct. 18- 22, 2010

Oct 21, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

Big Brother is watching and the blogosphere is curious. As we were going through a list of hot topics in social media this week, we noticed several articles were posted about legal issues that involve government agencies, or officials involved with surveillance, privacy, monitoring, or general use of social media. This Round-up will include stories about police use of Twitter, government snoops on Facebook, spying on Americans, and emerging hot legal issues that are arising from data scraping by administrative agencies. Enjoy.

Webinar Presentation: Research History & Folders

Oct 11, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

From the West eLearning Center’s Webinar Series for Legal Experts, here are the slides for “Research History & Folders” conducted in September, 2010

Social Media Law Round-up October 1-11, 2010

Oct 11, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

Is it okay to post that you received a bonus at work on your personal network? This week’s Social Media Round-up includes advice on what to not write on personel sites, legal implications of google searching for prospective employees, and proof that big brother is watching.

Social Media Law Round-up September 27-October 1, 2010

Oct 1, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

This week’s Round-up includes ways to find evidence on social media platforms, emerging presence in workers compenastion cases, embarrassing Facebook photos and regrettable MySpace statements, doctors resisting new media ideas, and discovery best practices.

Social Media Law Round-up September 20-24, 2010

Sep 24, 2010 By: Marcus Anderson

Social Media is effecting how many of our clients are conducting business and sharing information. The legal issues arising from such diverse interactions are brand new and constantly changing. 

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