Ridesharing: Regulatory landscape

Aug 29, 2014 By: Lauren Jones

Well-known transportation network companies like Lyft, Wingz, Sidecar, and Uber, that make mobile apps for ridesharing, are creating regulatory headaches for many municipalities

EcoATMs encourage recycling and…theft?

Jul 16, 2014 By: Lauren Jones

EcoATMs were designed to make cell phone recycling easier, but it has led to a spike in cell phone thefts.

Legislative Battles Continue Over School Lunches and GMOs

Jun 24, 2014 By: Lauren Jones

In recent years, the much maligned National School Lunch Program has garnered much attention in its role in the fight against childhood obesity

States Increase Medicaid Anti-Fraud Efforts

Apr 24, 2014 By: Lauren Jones

The Affordable Care Act offers states, including states that will not expand Medicaid, new authority to improve their anti-fraud, waste, and abuse measures.

Provider Consolidation: Boon or bane?

Apr 7, 2014 By: Lauren Jones

ACA implementation increases the demand for provider integration. This demand is, in turn, creating increased consolidation within the health care industry.

The More Things Change…Public Law Libraries in the Digital Age

Mar 4, 2014 By: Lauren Jones

Public law libraries across the country are continuously evolving the form of traditional library services to serve their critical function well into the digital age.

Dismantling barriers to telehealth adoption

Feb 7, 2014 By: Lauren Jones

You may be familiar with the Verizon Wireless commercial describing the use of cloud technology and telehealth to increase access to healthcare

Feds Look to Crowdsourcing for Help with Medicaid Fraud

Jan 20, 2014 By: Lauren Jones

Medicaid programs have long grappled with fraud and abuse issues. Recently, however, the federal agency which oversees state Medicaid programs sought help from “the crowd” and launched an online competition for software developers.