Not all Judges are Technology Troglodytes

Mar 28, 2014 By: Hon. Kevin Burke

There are very “tech savvy” judges, but we remain a generation where there is a wide disparity as to how comfortable judges are with new technology.

Building a successful court system: It starts with the employees

Feb 19, 2014 By: Hon. Kevin Burke

Effective leadership starts with genuinely caring about the people with whom you work.

Can We Still Learn from Roscoe Pound? Just What Drives Public Dissatisfaction With the Administration of Justice?

Sep 27, 2013 By: Hon. Kevin Burke

Roscoe Pound’s 1906 speech, The Causes of Popular Dissatisfaction with the Administration of Justice, is the most compelling of his works today. Regrettably over 100 years after giving this speech, much of what Pound saw in the justice system as problematic remains so.

Achieving Excellence in Courts

Jul 31, 2013 By: Hon. Kevin Burke

Recent polls show that public confidence in Congress and the United States Supreme Court is at an all-time low.  The legal profession

It is about the people we work with

Jun 14, 2013 By: Hon. Kevin Burke

To survive these difficult economic times, effective leaders need to build high morale. We need to have a public workforce that has the capacity to think outside of the box