Today in 1688: Quakers conduct the first formal protest against slavery in Germantown, Pennsylvania

Feb 18, 2011 By: Katie Sheehan

Though Quakers didn’t pen an official proclamation banning slavery until 1776, Francis Daniel Pastorius, a Quaker from Germantown, drafted a protest against slavery in 1688.

Hot Docs: Juror accused of misconduct in murder trial

Feb 17, 2011 By: Katie Sheehan

Following a California murder trial, two jurors became “friends” on Facebook, and one noticed that the other posted comments, during the trial, about evidence in the case.

Today in 1909: The NAACP is founded

Feb 12, 2011 By: Katie Sheehan

Since its founding, the NAACP has relied on legal action to protect the political, educational, social, and economic rights of people of color.

Hot Doc: Emma Thompson requests declaratory judgment of non-infringement

Feb 10, 2011 By: Katie Sheehan

Emma Thompson asserts that her screenplay examining the love triangle among John Ruskin, Euphemia Gray, and John Everett Millais, is significantly different from Gregory Murphy’s screenplay, The Countess.

Today in 1999: Unarmed African immigrant Amadou Diallo killed

Feb 4, 2011 By: Katie Sheehan

Following the shooting of an unarmed African immigrant, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer ordered a study of 175,000 records of the Street Crimes Unit’s “stop and frisk” practice.

Hot Doc: City of Summerside sues promoter Katrina Sussmeier

Feb 3, 2011 By: Katie Sheehan

A planned Michael Jackson tribute concert never came to fruition, and a small Prince Edward Island city demands the promoter refund $1.3 million.

Markman orders on Westlaw enhanced

Jan 31, 2011 By: Katie Sheehan

Markman orders on Westlaw now include a field of all editorially-identified terms construed in the order.

­­Today in 1916: Louis Brandeis nominated to Supreme Court

Jan 28, 2011 By: Katie Sheehan

Attorney Louis Brandeis, who poineered the “Brandeis brief” and co-wrote “The Right to Privacy,” was the first Jew to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Get seamless access to patents and international materials on WestlawNext!

Jan 27, 2011 By: Katie Sheehan

Learn how to access patents and international materials on WestlawNext.

Hot Doc: Class action suit filed against Power Balance, LLC, Shaquille O’Neal, and Lamar Odom

Jan 27, 2011 By: Katie Sheehan

California company Power Balance sued over hologram-embedded bracelets that claim to improve athletic performace.

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