Independent Thinking: 6 Things To Do The Morning Before You Go To Court

Mar 21, 2013 By: Katherine James

You may be nervous. You may be pumped. You may be shaking like a leaf. You may be punching the air with

Independent Thinking: “Dressing For Success” vs. “Business Casual”

Nov 20, 2012 By: Katherine James

One thing is clear – no one agrees on what business casual actually means. I remember the first time I heard the

Independent Thinking: How to be Persuasive and Likeable in Court

Nov 9, 2012 By: Katherine James

In past blog posts we’ve talked about how important appearance and overall preperation  are in the court room. Now we’re going a step further.

Independent Thinking: Time Management for Women

Aug 21, 2012 By: Katherine James

I am really over women telling women who are younger than I am (and since I am 60 that covers a lot

Independent Thinking: Vocal Warm up exercises for attorneys

Jul 24, 2012 By: Katherine James

The lawyer who tries a case in a courtroom has similar demands placed on the voice that the actor in the theatre

Independent Thinking: Costuming for The Courtroom

May 18, 2012 By: Shelley Gracia and Katherine James

“Who said that clothes make a statement?  What an understatement that was.  Clothes never shut up.” – Susan Brownmiller Katherine James continues