Tip of the Week: Deliver Statutory Text Only

Jan 11, 2016 By: Jessica Johnson

There is now an option on Westlaw to deliver the statutory text only when printing, emailing, downloading or otherwise delivering a statute.

Tip of the Week – Federal Notice of Appeal KeyCite Flag

Apr 27, 2015 By: Jessica Johnson

A new blue-striped KeyCite flag will indicate that the case has been appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals or the U.S. Supreme Court.

Tip of the Week – Superbrowse

Mar 2, 2015 By: Jessica Johnson

Superbrowse allows you to view a statute or regulation’s text in context of the entire statutory chapter or subchapter

Tip of the Week – Case Evaluator

Feb 18, 2015 By: Jessica Johnson

Case Evaluator recently moved onto WestlawNext with a new look and some new functionality

Tip of the Week: Type Ahead

Mar 10, 2014 By: Jessica Johnson

Recently, WestlawNext improved a current tool, type ahead, to assist with finding cases and dockets.

Tip of the Week: New topics in the Key Number System on WestlawNext

Mar 3, 2014 By: Jessica Johnson

The law is dynamic and continually evolving, and the West Key Number System® on WestlawNext® develops alongside it.

Tip of the Week: Custom Pages

Feb 17, 2014 By: Jessica Johnson

Custom Pages in WestlawNext gives you the ability to create and customize a page for your specific research needs.

Tip of the Week: Saving WestlawNext research in Firm Central

Jan 6, 2014 By: Jessica Johnson

Enter your search terms into the WestlawNext widget in Firm Central:   If this is the first time signing into WestlawNext today,

Tip of the Week: Find & Print on WestlawNext

Dec 16, 2013 By: Jessica Johnson

Find & Print is the latest enhancement to WestlawNext! This popular tool now enjoys WestlawNext’s easy to use interface with enhanced/updated result options.