Filling Seats on the Fifth Circuit

Sep 22, 2014 By: Jason Steed

Although President Obama has created Democratic majorities in eight circuits since taking office, the Fifth Circuit remains held by a Republican majority … for now?

10th Circuit Strikes Down Utah Marriage Ban

Jun 26, 2014 By: Jason Steed

The Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit has ruled that Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. This is the first federal appellate court to issue such a ruling.

Supreme Court: 4th Amendment Protects Cell Phones

Jun 25, 2014 By: Jason Steed

In its Riley v. California ruling today, the Supreme Court held that the Fourth Amendment prohibits warrantless searches of cell phones of arrestees

Be Smart About Abbreviations

Jun 10, 2014 By: Jason Steed

Here’s a good reason to avoid excessive abbreviations: judges don’t like them. And when you do things judges don’t like, bad things happen.

Justice Thomas: State Religions Are OK

May 6, 2014 By: Jason Steed

Justice Thomas’s solo concurring opinion in yesterday’s Town of Greece v. Galloway decision asserted that individual states may establish their own religions.

Quick Comma Recap

Apr 23, 2014 By: Jason Steed

Here are a few tips for lawyers on comma usage in your writing!

Windsor Is All Sword

Feb 21, 2014 By: Jason Steed

My fellow blogger, Jeremy Byellin, has a post today about Justice Kennedy’s opinion in Windsor. I don’t have time to respond carefully, with demonstrative quotations from Windsor, but I do want to throw something out there for people to chew on.

My Rights vs. Yours

Feb 13, 2014 By: Jason Steed

It appears at least five states have taken steps toward passing what are being called “Turn the Gays Away” laws, which allow business owners to deny service to gays on “religious” grounds.

A Tale of Two Injunctions

Jan 29, 2014 By: Jason Steed

Over the last several weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court has made two decisions that might seem somewhat at odds with one another.

Rejecting the Guru’s Advice

Jan 29, 2014 By: Jason Steed

Bryan Garner has just published an article exhorting lawyers and judges everywhere to “cut the clutter” in their legal writing by moving their case citations out of the body and into the notes. And as a practicing attorney, I have to say: I think this is bad advice.

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