The Couch-Jumping Partner, Part II

Sep 10, 2014 By: Janet Bennett

In the first part of this post, I discussed my experience working with law firms and how partners have really seized on

The Couch-Jumping Partner, Part I

Sep 9, 2014 By: Janet Bennett

I talk to law firms daily about business development tools that analyze “Big Data.”  Over the past year, I’ve observed a noticeable

Ideas for Law Firms On Providing Value

Apr 23, 2014 By: Janet Bennett

A few weeks ago, I attended the Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference. If I had to choose one word to describe the theme of the seminars I attended, that word would be “value.” Panels of partners, in-house counsels, chief marketing officers, vendors — they all talked in one way or another about building value.

Five Things We Love About Legal Marketers

Apr 9, 2014 By: Janet Bennett

Good marketers make attorneys look good, help the firm grow business and create a team of loyal followers and raving fans — and attorneys love them for it.

Becoming The Trusted Partner

Mar 3, 2014 By: Janet Bennett

“What is this going to cost me?”   This is the first question in-house counsels tend to ask when a case arises. The