Black’s Law Dictionary: My Sherpa Guide to Law School

Jun 5, 2013 By: Jake Knadle

Black’s Law Dictionary was the key to unlocking “legalese,” this new language I had to learn in law school.

Predicting the Same-Sex Marriage Cases on FantasySCOTUS

Mar 29, 2013 By: Jake Knadle

This week the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments for two of the most anticipated cases in recent memory, Hollingsworth v.

How Did the Socratic Method End Up in Law Schools?

Mar 8, 2013 By: Jake Knadle

How did the Socratic method find its way into law school classrooms? We have Christopher Columbus to thank — Professor Christopher Columbus Langdell, dean of Harvard Law in the late 19th century

Law Students Can Learn More About WestlawNext By Playing FantasySCOTUS

Feb 14, 2013 By: Jake Knadle

Use your knowledge of the law and WestlawNext to play in FantasySCOTUS, a fantasy Supreme Court league. You might even win Westlaw Rewards Points or a Visa gift card.

Law School Blog Re-Launch

Jan 18, 2013 By: Jake Knadle

Through a variety of bloggers, including law students, we plan to provide you with legal news and insights, information, research tips, perspectives on the law school experience, and more!