Bank of America Uses Copyright Law Against Journalist

Jan 4, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Bank of America asserted copyright claims to stop a business journalist from referencing material written by a member of its staff.

Waze Ruling and the Limits of Copyright Protection for Online Data

Dec 28, 2015 By: Craig Blakeley

A recent ruling by a federal district court in California highlights once more the limits to copyright protection for collections of data.

Court Finds ISP Liable for User’s Copyright Piracy

Dec 21, 2015 By: Jeff Matsuura

For reportedly the first time, a court has ruled that an Internet service provider (ISP) is responsible for copyright piracy engaged in by its customers.

Disney Claims “Star Wars” Fans Violate Copyright Law

Dec 14, 2015 By: Jeff Matsuura

Disney’s overly aggressive copyright protection campaign illustrates the ways in which overly zealous assertion of intellectual property rights can be counterproductive.

New Jersey Communities Claim Verizon Harms Consumers by Abandoning Old Infrastructure

Dec 7, 2015 By: Jeff Matsuura

Sixteen cities and towns in New Jersey petitioned the state Board of Public Utilities claiming that Verizon is harming consumers in the state by neglecting its old copper wire telephone network and by delaying its rollout of broadband facilities in much of the state.

Bringing Transparency to Online Censorship

Nov 30, 2015 By: Craig Blakeley

Censorship of online content is a global problem which appears to grow on a daily basis.

Sweeping New Anti-Terror Laws in France Threaten Digital Freedom

Nov 23, 2015 By: Craig Blakeley

The broad scope of the emergency legislation enacted in the wake of the Paris terror attacks has significant adverse impact on digital civil liberties.

Microsoft to Use German Data Centers for Privacy

Nov 16, 2015 By: Jeff Matsuura

Microsoft recently announced modifications to its data network for cloud services designed to enhance user privacy.

Copyright Office Makes Car Software Accessible

Nov 9, 2015 By: Jeff Matsuura

The U.S. Copyright Office was asked to permit automobile owners and others to access the computer code embedded in cars and other vehicles.

Colorado Judge Finds Campaign Law Violation in Social Media Post

Nov 2, 2015 By: Craig Blakeley

A school board election campaign in Colorado has generated a controversial interpretation of campaign laws in the context of social media.

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