Carnegie Mellon University Wins All-Time Biggest Computer Patent Settlement

Feb 29, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Carnegie Mellon University recently settled its patent infringement lawsuits against Marvel Technology for a payment of $750 million.

Federal Court Action in iPhone Privacy Case Threatens the Internet of Things

Feb 26, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

The actions of federal authorities in iPhone security case could set precedent which would threaten the privacy of everyone around the world who uses any type of data collecting device.

In Facebook Case, French Courts Find Terms of Service Violate Consumer Law

Feb 24, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Two French courts recently ruled that Facebook’s Terms of Service violate French consumer protection laws.

FBI and Federal Court Use 18th Century Law to Force Apple to Circumvent iPhone Security

Feb 22, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

A federal judge in California has required Apple to circumvent some of the security measures built in to the iPhone used by San Bernadino terror suspect,

Facebook in India: Where Net Neutrality Meets the Digital Divide

Feb 16, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

The interaction between Facebook and the Indian government highlights the complex challenges associated with attempts to bring Internet access to the least affluent people.

Students Sue Google, Claim E-Mail Privacy Violations

Feb 8, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Four former University of California (Berkeley) students and several non-students who corresponded via e-mail with university students have filed two privacy lawsuits against Google.

Open Access for Broadband Proposed in West Virginia

Feb 1, 2016 By: Craig Blakeley

A bill proposed in the West Virginia state legislature would authorize that state’s government to build and operate a 2,000 mile broadband network throughout the state.

European Court Approves Firing Employees for Computer Misuse

Jan 26, 2016 By: Craig Blakeley

The European Court of Human Rights recently ruled that, subject to proper notice, employers can monitor computer use of their employees and terminate the employment of staff who violate computer use policies.

Uber Reaches Privacy Settlement with New York Authorities

Jan 18, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Transportation service, Uber, has reached a settlement agreement with authorities in New York over information privacy claims.

Governments Around the World Threaten Digital Privacy

Jan 11, 2016 By: Craig Blakeley

Recent legal initiatives by governments in China and the United Kingdom illustrate the current trend to weaken the digital privacy rights of individuals in the name of enhanced national security

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