“Pokemon Go” Craze and Inappropriate Conduct

Jul 18, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Pokemon Go’s widespread popularity has generated concern at some of the locations where the public has chosen to play the game.

The Dallas Shootings and Robots as Weapons

Jul 11, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

The decision by Dallas police to use a robot to kill alleged sniper, Micah Xavier Johnson, has generated discussion regarding appropriate use of automated systems as lethal weapons.

Stanford Student Develops Chatbot that Challenges Parking Tickets

Jul 5, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Joshua Browder is reportedly a British student at Stanford University who has developed an automated online system that helps people to challenge parking tickets.

Federal Judge Approves Warrantless Hacking of Computers

Jun 27, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Judge Henry Coke Morgan, Jr. in the federal court for the Eastern District of Virginia reportedly supported warrantless hacking of computers as part of an FBI child pornography investigation.

European Court Addresses Library Lending of E-Books

Jun 20, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

In a recent action, Europe’s highest court, the Court of European Justice, clarified its position that electronic books are subject to the same rules governing library lending as are print books.

Amazon Lawsuits Move to Block False Product Reviews

Jun 13, 2016 By: Craig Blakeley

Recently, Amazon sued multiple operators of product review websites. Amazon alleges that some of the reviews presented by those sites are fake.

Germany’s Highest Court Approves Music Sampling

Jun 6, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

In a recent decision, Germany’s highest court, the Federal Constitutional Court, approved music sampling, the practice of integrating clips of different recordings into a recorded musical work.

E-Commerce Subscription Pricing Model Leads to Consumer Complaints

May 31, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

A wide range of e-commerce websites offer substantial price discounts to consumers, but those lower prices come at a cost.

Facebook Sued for Breach of Illinois Privacy Law

May 23, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Facebook is currently defending itself in a privacy lawsuit alleging violation of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA).

Twitter Resists Government Data Mining

May 16, 2016 By: Jeff Matsuura

Twitter recently took steps to make it more difficult for governments to acquire social media content associated with Twitter users.

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