Cybersecurity FAIL: Litigation Risks Related To Online Data Breaches

May 9, 2013 By: Andrew Pieper

By understanding the risks of vulnerabilities related to cybersecurity, companies can position themselves to limit litigation risk if — and when — data breaches occur.

Bilateral Investment Treaties: Mitigating Political Risks to Foreign Capital Investments

Jan 29, 2013 By: Andrew Pieper

When companies make significant capital investments in foreign countries, they accept any risks to the ongoing political stability—or the occurrence of instability—in those countries.

Evolution of Legal Technology: Adapting to Today’s New Technologies, Tomorrow

Jan 22, 2013 By: Andrew Pieper

Three technologies – social media, machine-learning, and cloud computing – promise to offer both rewards and create pitfalls for legal professionals and offices.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: The More You Know, The Better For Your Business

Dec 28, 2012 By: Andrew Pieper

When it comes to limiting FCPA liability, prevention is crucial. And the only way to prevent FCPA liability is to know as much as possible about your company’s foreign business practices.

Maintaining Jurisdictional Advantage In International Business Agreements: Forum-Selection and Arbitration Clauses

Dec 4, 2012 By: Andrew Pieper

Forum-selection and arbitration clauses in international agreements are one area where both the complexity and uncertainty in those agreements can become magnified when disputes arise.

Avoiding Potential Pitfalls In Corporate Attorney-Client Privilege

Nov 6, 2012 By: Andrew Pieper

Corporate counsel frequently find themselves lending a hand in both legal and business responsibilities, which causes issues to frequently arise when trying to determine the extent of attorney-client privilege that applies to internal corporate documents.

Predictive Coding in E-discovery: Cautionary Tales

Oct 16, 2012 By: Andrew Pieper

Over the past several years, predictive coding has gained increased exposure in e-discovery practice. The technology still has some potential problems, however.

Who Owns What? Navigating Ownership Issues Related To Social Media Assets

Sep 21, 2012 By: Andrew Pieper

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—and their smaller cousins like Pinterest, Google+, and seemingly innumerable others—have opened up new and