Oh the places you will go…

Jun 27, 2015 By: Amy Boley

Never did I expect my job to take me the places it has – and it all started as a Reference Attorney.

WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Tip of the Week moving to the Legal Solutions Blog

Nov 4, 2013 By: Amy Boley

Starting December 2nd, you can receive the weekly Tip of the Week as a part of the new Legal Solutions blog newsletter

WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Color Code your Research with Multiple Colors for Notes & Highlighting

Oct 28, 2013 By: Amy Boley

Throw away your highlighters! More than 10,000 documents are highlighted every day on WestlawNext®. Now you can add notes and highlight documents

WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Practitioner Insights Practice Areas & Jurisdictions

Oct 21, 2013 By: Amy Boley

Current events and related legal developments have a significant impact on the decisions you make every day. WestlawNext Practitioner Insights™ provides a

WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Parallel Citations

Oct 14, 2013 By: Amy Boley

Parallel citations are included at the top of each case on WestlawNext, making it easy to find cases by citation no matter which reporter citation you have.

WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Table of Authorities on Westlaw Next

Oct 7, 2013 By: Amy Boley

One of the latest enhancements on WestlawNext is Table of Authorities, it is a list of the cases relied upon in the document you are viewing.

WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: New Topics in the Key Number System on Westlaw Next

Sep 30, 2013 By: Amy Boley

The law is dynamic and continually evolving, and so is the West Key Number System® on WestlawNext®. As areas of law grow and change, attorney-editors reclassify headnotes and revise or create new Topics and Key Numbers.

WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Creating Newsletters with Westlaw Next

Sep 23, 2013 By: Amy Boley

Using WestlawNext you can aggregate alert results to create customized newsletters that include links to available full-text documents