Three keys to obtaining a dream legal job (part 1)

Apr 11, 2014 By: Adam Gropper

This post speaks to law students who may not be in the top of their class and are not quite sure what they will do when they graduate law school

Making Your Case for a Law Firm Raise

Mar 28, 2014 By: Adam Gropper

One question among law firm associates at various size firms (including big ones that are not lock-step) is how do I go about asking for a raise? Consider the following steps

Securing a sponsor and a mentor along the path to partnership (or something else)

Mar 21, 2014 By: Adam Gropper

As an associate, it is reasonable to have as a goal to put yourself in the best possible position to have the most opportunities available to you, which can be done by having a mentor.

Some keys to successful client development

Mar 13, 2014 By: Adam Gropper

I am frequently asked how young attorneys can build their client base. Two of the best strategies for long term success are to: (i) actively seek referrals; and (ii) have the long view.

The key to effective associate communication with partners

Mar 7, 2014 By: Adam Gropper

One of the key factors within your control in helping you become partner is effective communication with your coworkers and superiors.

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