West eLearning: Webinars, Lessons and Gift Cards

July 16, 2009

As we start planning our our webinar schedules for the upcoming year, we want you start thinking about eLearning topics that would be of interest you. Just to get the ideas flowing, feel free to visit our site, take some lessons and earn some free gift cards.

Here’s How:

1. Visit the West eLearning Center
a. Enter your account info or
b. Create an account (all you need is an e-mail address)

2. Then take one of the following lessons:

  • Using ResultsPlus
  • Using KeyCite to Verify Good Law
  • Accessing West CiteAdvisor and Setting Options
  • Verifying Citation Formats and Creating a Table of Authorities

Eligible lessons are designated by a coffee-cup icon next to the lesson name. Visit again soon as we will be featuring many more courses and webinars this summer.

Come back often and look for more offers as the site evolves. We want you to help us mold the site for your benefit, and will be asking for input soon.