Webinar Recap Part 6: Drug Effects and Drug-Related Issues in Litigation

September 3, 2009

Author of the Attorneys Medical Deskbook, Dr. Dan Tennenhouse, presented two exclusive West eLearning Webinars in August 2009.

We will be posting components of this Webinar throughout the next few weeks to show how live courses can be helpful for Westlaw learners.

Part 6 includes a discussion about the types of drug interactions. No matter the type of drugs, there are combinations that effect how the human body reacts. These include “Additive”= sum of effects; “synergistic”= greater than sum of effects; “antagonistic”= opposing effects that cancel each other; “adjuvant”= different effects but enhancing the principle drug.

Dr. Tennenhouse breaks down each combination, explaining the significance as it may pertain to litigation and trial.