Wrap-up of the most popular posts on the Westlaw Insider this week

November 17, 2012

Westlaw Insider

To kick off your weekend, here is a  review of some of the most popular posts on our blog this week.

HOT DOCS: SMOKERS NOT A “SUSPECT CLASS,” APPEALS COURT RULES The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that a smoker challenging city anti-smoking laws was not entitled to heightened constitutional protections because smokers are not a “suspect class.”

LGBT IN OT 2012: THE IMPACT OF A SUPREME COURT DECISION IN WINDSOR V. U.S (PART 2) If the Supreme Court agrees to hear Windsor v. U.S., and, more importantly, rules to affirm it, there will be wide-ranging consequences from such a decision.

MOBILE DEVICE MESSAGING AND E-DISCOVERY: PART 4 OF 4  Courts should consider the need for the requested electronic discovery materials with caution, an approach necessary to appropriately balance the substantial costs, burdens and policy concerns attendant to mobile electronic discovery.

WHY ALL LAWYERS SHOULD LISTEN TO THEIR DOCTOR Like doctors, attorneys who fail to address the emotional half of the client’s problem are only being half as effective as they could be.