Almost (In)Famous: Notable Trials

August 13, 2010

While it may have been a while since Bernie Madoff was front-page news, his escapades are still a popular research topic for attorneys. The Reference Attorneys continue to receive a fair number of calls concerning litigation involving Mr. Madoff.

While a DOCK-ALL or ALLNEWS search is probably best (remember to truncate Bernie as bern!) we’ve also had one or two customers asking if Westlaw has any Madoff-specific databases. While no such database is currently available for Bernie Madoff, Westlaw does have several databases focused on famous, popular, or otherwise “notable” cases.

Perhaps the best example of a notable case would be the O.J. Simpson trial, which has a few databases dedicated to it: OJ-COMMENT includes case commentary, while OJ-TRANS is comprised of trial transcripts and other documents. There are similar databases available for the Unabomber (UBABOMB-TRANS), Timothy McVeigh (MCVEIGH-TRANS and MCVEIGH-DP), and the even the JKF assassination (JFK-TRANS). If violence isn’t your thing, you can also check out MICROSOFT-TRANS and MICROAPP-DOC, which cover the Microsoft antitrust litigation.

If you’re ever curious if we have a database specific to a notable trial, try typing the name of the trial’s defendant in Search for a Database. For example, in the case of Bernie Madoff try entering “Madoff” in Search for a Database. Westlaw will tell you that you’ve entered an invalid database. Typing “OJ Simpson,” however, will get you several options to choose from.

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West Reference Attorney
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