A truly unique law school experience – in Malawi?

October 26, 2010

Tammie Follett with law students in MalawiEver wonder what it would be like to study law in some faraway place? Well, law schools don’t get much further away than the Republic of Malawi – and Tammie Follett, a senior account manager with Thomson Reuters, recently paid a visit.

Tammie led a group of 10 volunteers who traveled through the African nation to highlight a joint initiative between book-donation program Books for Africa and Africa Classroom Connection, a group that helps build and improve schools in Africa.

Tammie’s trip was also an opportunity to deliver $150,000 worth of law books and legal textbooks donated by Thomson Reuters to the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College law school.

Tammie Follett at University of Malawi“The visit to Chancellor College was very rewarding,” Tammie said. “I presented the personal-embossed copy of Black’s Law Dictionary to the dean, and he expressed to me that he and the law students greatly value the donation of books, especially because they needed them on topical issues such as torts and contracts.

“Being in the presence of law students trying to make a future for themselves, their families and their country was an inspiring experience,” Tammie continued. “They are on a journey to change and economically stabilize their country, and I am proud that our efforts here at Thomson Reuters will be a part of that.”

» Watch a short video of Tammie’s law school visit