The Evolution of the Reference Attorney Experience

Jun 15, 2015 By: Diane Yonga

The Reference Attorney Department has gone through many changes over the 30 years of its existence. It has grown from a handful of attorneys to more than 130 attorneys today.

My Thomson Reuters Career Path

Jun 14, 2015 By: Kay Halvorson

My experience with the Reference Attorney Department has been vital for my career at Thomson Reuters – even before I really had a career!

Former Reference Attorneys Reflect on Their Careers with Thomson Reuters

Jun 13, 2015 By: Sara Frederes

Two former reference attorneys, Tamara Jenkins Quick and Sara Frederes, talk about their careers with Thomson Reuters.

Reference Attorney Tip: Finding the Hard to Find

Jun 12, 2015 By: Sharon Kreatz

One of my best tips for when you’re struggling to find helpful cases is to reflect on why you are not finding something.

Reference Attorneys are Always There

Jun 11, 2015 By: Sue Moore

What I will always remember is how people sometimes just want to talk and we as Reference Attorneys were there to listen and help no matter what the problem.

Reference Attorneys Represent the Voice of the Customer

Jun 10, 2015 By: Lori Romeyn Sitowski

We reference attorneys take our role as the face of Thomson Reuters Legal seriously and want you to know that we welcome and encourage your feedback on our products.

Beginning my rewarding career as a Reference Attorney

Jun 9, 2015 By: Kim Ellenberg

Throughout my rewarding career here at Thomson Reuters, I’ve been proud of the work we do every day to help legal professionals excel at their work and to help the legal system thrive.

Reference Attorneys are Always Working for our Customers

Jun 8, 2015 By: Doug Utter

What I like about being a Reference Attorney is that every call presents an opportunity to impress our customers with a combination of positivity and competence

My ten years with the Reference Attorneys

Jun 7, 2015 By: Scott Morgan

I am so proud to have been a part of the Reference Attorney experience and a hearty congratulations on its 30th anniversary.

The satisfaction from helping to tackle a tricky issue

Jun 6, 2015 By: Brandon Gil

The best part of the job is hearing a thankful customer give a sigh of relief and say, “now I can get on with the rest of my day!”

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