Funds subject to forfeiture

Aug 16, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Funds derived from criminal activity and used to pay attorneys’ fees may be subject to forfeiture, …

Counterfeit gold coins

Aug 15, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Fact that gold coins may no longer be minted, circulated, or recoined nor used to pay any obligation does not preclude them from qualifying as “coins” …

Alligator obstacle

Aug 14, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Genuine issue of material fact existed as to whether defendant driver was negligent when she hit alligator located on highway and whether such negligence …

Cow surgery risks

Aug 13, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

While veterinary student knew and appreciated the danger that she might be kicked if the cow upon which she was attempting to perform surgical procedure …

“Substantial” risk of flight

Aug 12, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

To reasonably assure her appearance to face federal charge of harboring or concealing a person from arrest, defendant’s bail was appropriately set at $500,000; …

More fun with filters – Filtering by date and jurisdiction

Aug 9, 2013 By: Megan McKinney Downs

When you are conducting legal research, you always want to make sure that you have the most recent cases with the highest

Search by helicopter

Aug 9, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Low-level police inspection of plaintiffs’ land by helicopter during drug eradication program was a “search” for purposes of Fourth Amendment, …

Lawyers and “billing judgment”

Aug 8, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Lawyers are highly trained professionals and are expected to exercise professional judgment; they are not expected to follow up every random thought …

“Animals ferae naturae”

Aug 7, 2013 By: Legal Solutions

Ducks purchased by restaurant owner and released into river which ran alongside the restaurant were “animals ferae naturae” …

Westlaw Topical Highlights: Intellectual Property, August 6, 2013

Aug 6, 2013 By: Casey Hall

Westlaw Topical Highlights for Intellectual Property provides summaries of significant federal court decisions and legislative and administrative activities affecting Intellectual Property law.