A power search string to find the elements of a cause of action

Dec 22, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

This search string does a pretty effective job at bringing back the elements of a cause of action. Try it out next time you need the elements to an action.

For cases involving government agencies, go straight to the top

Dec 8, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

When searching for caselaw regarding agency opinions, your search should include honorary titles and individuals’ names, as well as the proper name of the agency.

Westlaw Headnote of the Day – November 30, 2010

Nov 30, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

An insured should not have to consult a long line of case law or law review articles and treatises to determine the coverage he or she is purchasing under an insurance policy.

When “all the news that’s fit to print” is just too much

Nov 22, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

When you get too many results from the databases ALLNEWS and ALLNEWSPLUS, try limiting your Westlaw search to publications from certain geographic regions.

There’s still time: Save 20% on the National CLE & Ski conference

Nov 16, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

Now in its 28th year, this popular CLE event combines a top-notch speakers with world-class skiing and resort accommodations.

Want one-stop shopping for legislative history? Try the A&P

Nov 10, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

Use Westlaw’s Arnold & Porter (A&P) Legislative History databases to retrieve comprehensive legislative history major federal acts in one simple search.

Federal housing finance research just got easier

Nov 2, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

Six just-released Westlaw databases provide information on foreclosure prevention, valuation analysis considerations, national lending trends, and related topics from the FHA, FHFA and Veterans Affairs.

Structure your Westlaw query to put the chicken before the egg

Oct 20, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

You can require your terms to appear in a certain order within your Westlaw search by using the + connector.

Westlaw tip: Use the Synopsis and Digest fields to narrow your results

Sep 22, 2010 By: West Reference Attorneys

The Synopsis and Digest fields restrict your query to the synopsis and the headnotes of the decision. For example, the query sy,di(zoo /p animal) returns only about 15% of the results for the query zoo /p animal.

Find out what the judge is likely to think of your case

Sep 15, 2010 By: Legal Solutions

You can find decisions by a particular judge by using the judge field – JU(NAME).

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