JV ROUNDUP: Vehicular Negligence in California

May 11, 2017 By: Jean Sica

Recent California motor vehicle accident cases as summarized in Jury Verdicts & Settlements: *Montes v. State of California 2017 WL 1410999   Verdict date:

California Supreme Court Decision Insulates Managed Care Organizations from Liability for Elder Abuse

Jun 30, 2016 By: John K. DiMugno

A recent California Supreme Court decision has substantially limited the reach of the Elder Abuse Act.

`Waiting for Superman’ film impacts union decertification vote

Apr 18, 2016 By: Virginia Kretschman

When a public employer repeatedly reminds employees of its hostility toward a union, should those employees be permitted to get rid of or decertify the union?

A Ray of Light for (Some) California Short Sellers

Jan 26, 2016 By: Andrea Lee Negroni

The California Supreme Court gave a gift to borrowers who sold their homes in short sale transactions before California statutes were amended in 2010 to apply anti-deficiency protection to them

Two Recent Insurance Coverage Decisions May Increase Merger and Acquisition Activity

Sep 29, 2015 By: John K. DiMugno

Two recent court decisions provide relief for successor businesses faced with the prospect of uninsured liability due to the failure to obtain consent when insurance policies were assigned as part of a business reorganization.

Today in 1969: California passes the first no-fault divorce law in the U.S.

Sep 4, 2015 By: Jeremy Byellin

On September 4, 1969, California Governor Ronald Reagan signed the Family Law Act of 1969 into law, abolishing the fault grounds for divorce and replacing it with no-fault.

California union wins right to use employer’s e-mail system for union business

Jul 17, 2015 By: Virginia Kretschman

In 2013, the Los Angeles teachers union asked the city’s Unified School District for permission to transmit union messages through the district’s

Look, up in the sky! California’s ‘paparazzi drones’ and privacy issues

Jan 30, 2015 By: Nick Sullivan

Buchalter Nemer attorney Paul Fraidenburgh and California state Assemblyman Don Wagner say the key to California’s new “paparazzi drone law” is that

$17 Million Verdict for Passenger Dragged, Run Over by Bus

May 13, 2014 By: Jury Verdicts

Baker v. New Jersey Transit Corp. (N.J.Super.L.); $17 Million Verdict for Passenger Dragged, Run Over by Bus

California’s Right to Repair Act trips up homeowners insurer’s subrogation claim against builder

Mar 25, 2014 By: Marc Schneier

In an increasing number of states, owners of new homes who discover construction defects must use statutory mechanisms to resolve their dispute with the builder

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