Westlaw CaseLogistix Helping Small Law Firms with E-Discovery

August 19, 2011

Jeff Friedman is the Director of Marketing for Westlaw CaseLogistix, a document review / discovery management platform for litigation.  In law school, Jeff was taught, “If you have the facts, pound the facts.  If you have the law, pound the law.  If you have neither the facts nor the law, then pound the table.’”

At the heart of the facts for any case are documents that will be used to determine the merits of that case.  With email, spreadsheets, voicemails, etc, the world of facts has grown in size and complexity. Westlaw CaseLogistix is a perfect tool for this new world of electronic facts.  It can simply and automatically organize documents and quickly, more accurately aid in the review of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) as well as traditional paper files. 

Smaller firms, more than anyone else in the litigation space, are feeling the pinch of electronic discovery.  Firms that traditionally relied on paper are realizing three things:

1) that the volumes of information are growing at a rate that does not allow them to use the same methods for factual review and investigation

2) that the complexity of information (emails, spreadsheets, presentations, multi-media files, etc.) often do not translate at all (or accurately) into paper

3) that the value of cases has not gone up at the same rate as costs associated to discovery

As a result, smaller firms, which may be working with a tighter operating budget, are looking for better solutions, and new tools to regain control of their margins as well as open up new opportunities for review – new cases that they otherwise could not consider without tools like Westlaw CaseLogistix.

Especially for smaller firms, the coolest feature isn’t so much a feature as a design philosophy that’s found throughout the product: familiar & intuitive.  The entire application is designed to look and feel like their desktop Outlook clients.  The idea of adopting a new method of working and new technologies can be intimidating.  Westlaw CaseLogistix is designed exactly for a firm or user wanting to make an easy transition into a new tool.  From simple actions like sorting lists, to dragging documents into folders, to right-click menus, to even layout of the different panels… the entire application screams familiar.  New users can quickly pick up the basics.  Users trying to code, organize or find documents in Westlaw CaseLogistix won’t have to call the “techie guru” for help – they’ll be able (and empowered) to use the application themselves.

The worst application on the planet is the one no one uses…Westlaw CaseLogistix is designed to allow the most traditional of users to quickly adopt a powerful new discovery tool.

To view a quick Westlaw CaseLogistix product demo, click here.