Webinars next week: Are you starting from a blank page?

April 18, 2012

Contract imageHave you ever gone searching for a past document—a contract, writing sample, anything—so you don’t have to begin writing from scratch?  Product specialist Chris Schoenbauer (“Shane-bower” for the curious among us), an account manager for Thomson Reuters Westlaw, has heard all about it.  He trains small law firms who want to explore contract and drafting tools, including Westlaw Forms, ProDoc and the new Westlaw Drafting Assistant—Transactional, among others.

“One of the questions I typically ask is:  ‘What do you do when you need to draft a document you have not seen before?’”  Chris says.  “It’s funny, but I routinely have attorneys joke that they will ‘Beg, Borrow or Steal’ to get a reasonable starting point.”

Next week Chris will offer two free nationwide training webinars covering a variety of transactional tools, emphasizing how they integrate into a small law firm’s current workflow.

One lucky registrant from each webinar will win a free tablet computer.

“In my role, I get a chance to work very closely with transactional attorneys across the country.  I hear about how you approach the practice of law and have learned a great deal about workflow,” he observes.  “In this Webinar, you’ll learn how these products match up with your workflow to make you more efficient in your practice.

“I feel a great deal of satisfaction when I’m able to show an attorney an easier way to accomplish the tasks you need to accomplish to be successful.  It is especially rewarding when I hear the sighs of relief.” 

Meet Chris online during next week’s two time options.  Comment below to submit a question in advance.


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