Want to Pursue Your Passions? Time-Saving Tips for Work and Home

October 11, 2012

Legal RebelsSolo and small firm lawyers often face a conundrum: while many choose solo or small firm practice to enjoy a greater degree of work/life balance than lawyers in larger firms enjoy, the reality is they often end up spending more time in the office than they would like. Plus, many lawyers spend a significant amount of non-work hours caring for home and family. Fulfilling work and home responsibilities can leave lawyers with little personal time to pursue hobbies.

In a post on the ABA Journal’s Legal Rebels website, I’ve shared three productivity “must-haves” that give me time to pursue my passion for amateur mycology. Since you’re reading this on the Westlaw Insider Blog, I’m sure it’s no surprise that one of those must-haves is WestlawNext. To discover what my other two must-haves are, read the Legal Rebels post.

What hobby are you passionate about? What tools and support services are key to your productivity?