Tips for Life as an Attorney and Mom

May 9, 2012

Image: bottle and gavelHappy Mother’s Day!  I’m glad to share a collection of great working-mom insights that are written by attorneys.

  • Liberating Working Moms blog includes a reminder from contributor Law Momma:  The Art of Saying “No” identifies the right times, and the right ways, to point out the boundaries for yourself, family and colleagues.
  • A rare gem:  the working-mother community What to Expect details the typical morning schedule of Caroline73, a small firm attorney and mother of an infant.
  • Attorney Ann Fidler (@organistatlaw) notes that small daily decisions help you keep priorities in line, in and outside of work.  She tweets, “It’s all about prioritizing and engaging every second when I’m not at work. Family support is a must.”
  • Attorney Michelle Hartman spoke with Texas Rising Stars magazine, a SuperLawyers publication, about the importance of placing work and home life in positions to help one another, rather than placing them in conflict.
  • As an attorney at a smaller law firm, you have more flexibility to meet the varying needs of your clients and family.  Attorney-turned-Thomson Reuters employee Lise Freking offers insights that she gleaned from common experiences, in practice and here in service to the legal industry.

Allow me to note that this was refreshing list to gather.  I was glad to see the positive, forward-thinking attitude that each of these writers display.  Thank you to all working moms who are models for the rest of us!