Small Law Firms: Is There More to Litigation Than E-Discovery?

June 13, 2012

Justice statue with scalesOf course!  A lot of media attention is devoted to discussion of e-discovery management, but litigators in small law firms spend just as much time and effort on other tasks associated with their cases.  Summarizing deposition transcripts, constructing lists of key facts, looking for all the evidence related to a particular issue, creating an outline in preparation for a hearing or deposition – – all of these things are important activities that can consume more time than you may have to give or be willing to bill your client for.

Attorneys are using Westlaw Case Notebook to overcome this challenge and become much more efficient – and profitable.  Current Case Notebook users report seeing the time savings below just by incorporating Case Notebook into their practices:

  • 51% creating an outline
  • 41% summarizing a transcript
  • 66% locating all of the information in a file on a specific issue
  • 69% reviewing the key facts of a case

As industry expert Brett Burney noted in a recent review of Westlaw Case Notebook published in TechnoLawyer, “while document review platforms are essential for eDiscovery, tools like Westlaw Case Notebook help you keep track of everything else.”

Download a copy of his product review, or contact us for more information on Westlaw Case Notebook.


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