Small Law Firm Resource Center at Your Service

September 16, 2011

We all need a helping hand every now and then.  A team here at Thomson Reuters has been diligently working on a Small Law Firm Resource Center to assist customers with anything from billing to technical support at all hours of the day or night.  This week I sat down with Scott Smith, Senior Business Analyst, to ask him a few questions about how this resource can benefit our small law firm customers.

What is the Small Law Firm Resource Center?

The Small Law Firm Resource Center is a completely FREE online resource that will provide answers to our customers’ questions in an easy and efficient manner.   Our customers can visit the site to find nearly any piece of electronic information they may need regarding billing, training, research assistance, technical support, or other West community resources.

If the customer has a question regarding their bill, we have a link to MyAccount and Quickview (for our Westlaw and WestlawNext customers). And if they aren’t familiar with those resources, but are interested in finding out more, we have information and interactive demonstrations to help them educate themselves on these tools.  From an education and training perspective, we have gathered links to our fantastic online webinar and eLearning classes that are available on a number of different topics. If technical support or research assistance is needed, we’ve included information and links to our online Knowledgebase that will allow the customer to find what they need. We even have Live Chat available with our Reference Attorneys available from 7am to midnight CST. And if you want to find out more about other information and news from West, we’ve included links to a number of the blogs and newsletters available from West. And if the customer still needs to contact us directly regarding anything, we’ve included contact information and numbers as well.

How will the Small Law Firm Resource Center help our customers?

We realize that our customers’ time is valuable, and so we wanted to provide a place where they can find the information, or the links to information, that they may need at 9am, 10pm or 2am without having to pick up the phone. A “one stop shop” for our online customer support resources.  Ultimately, this resource will allow our customers to get their questions answered so they can spend that time helping their clients (or helping their kids with homework!)

What can our customers expect from the Small Law Firm Resource Center in the future?

We are always striving to improve the value of the Small Law Firm Resource Center. We are continually looking to add information and resources from around the organization that can help our customers get their questions answered. In the near future, we are adding more links to other available community resources and news. And we are now looking at a new look and feel to the site that will allow us to add more information in a more interactive format.

If any customer has a suggestion of what they would like to see on the Small Law Firm Resource Center, or if they have ANY feedback on how we can provide the best possible service, there is a link at the bottom of the page that will allow them to send us an e-mail. Any and all suggestions are welcome so TELL US WHAT YOU THINK!