Small Firms: Did you dream of forms? Try Form Builder for 2 weeks free

January 13, 2012

When you were a kid and dreamed of becoming a lawyer, I bet you had the image of standing in front of a jury arguing your point, and eventually winning. I’m sure nowhere in that dream was an image of you sitting at your desk muddling through a massive pile of forms.

Now that you are an attorney, you know that forms are one of those necessary evils about the practice of law. Every legal matter involves forms; many as a matter of fact. Unfortunately they are time consuming, require entering the same data repeatedly, and can just be a nuisance. Sometimes it seems like you spend more time completing forms than actually lawyering.

What if you were able to alleviate some of that hassle with the use of a new tool available on WestlawNext? That’s right. Not only does WestlawNext drive efficiency and streamline your efforts with legal research, now it also helps you become more efficient with your document assembly needs. Westlaw Form Builder is the newest tool available on WestlawNext, and turns your forms work from drudgery to simplicity. It employs state-of-the-art, easy-to-use technology to quickly find and build the complete, correct documents you need to serve clients cost-effectively.

With Westlaw Form Builder, you’re freed from paper and CD forms, making it easy to complete or revise documents while you’re on the move, anywhere you have an Internet connection. In addition, you’re able to:

  • Access to more than 20,000 continuously updated forms from well-known and respected sources
  • Store client data for reuse on additional forms, saving time and reducing the potential for errors
  • Link seamlessly to the full text of a cited statute, case, or other authority on WestlawNext − at no additional charge
  • Find forms and guidance, so you can branch out from your usual practice areas into related matters, instead of referring clients to other lawyers

We offer you a two-week free Westlaw Form Builder trial for small law firms, including a WestlawNext free trial so you can experience the integrated linking between Form Builder and legal research.  Click here to request a trial, with offer code “FORMS”.

It’s time to let technology help you with another aspect of your legal practice. With several plans starting at under $100, Westlaw Form Builder makes it easy to embrace the future of legal forms.