Presidents’ Day: Part 2, George Washington on WestlawNext

February 21, 2012

WestlawNext provides legal insight of myriad types among its comprehensive content, so last week I took the suggestion of a customer who Tweeted, “If I was 10, I’d spend hours ‘Nexting’ all sorts of interesting legal terms.” (read the results of my Nexting inquiry into President Lincoln). 

Here are some interesting results that the WestSearch engine returned from a search of George Washington in All State and Federal content:

  • We cannot talk of our first President and U.S. law without mentioning three founding documents,all two clicks from the homepage of WestlawNext.  Click the Federal Materials tab, then United States Code Annotated where you’ll find:
  • 16 U.S.C.A. § 442, the Statute designating President George Washington’s birthplace as a National Historical Landmark.
  • New Jersey Statutes Annotated 32:1-82, ensuring that no action will be taken—or any monies provided—for the construction of the monumental double-layer George Washington Bridge until the State of New York has passed a parallel law and provided equal finds.

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