Law On The Edge: Trip to Iraq Part II

September 13, 2011

We recently got to know Phil Wormdahl for his Small Law Lifestyle and how he spends his time as The Edge in a U2 cover band outside of his DUI and criminal defense practice in Salt Lake City, Utah .  During his interview, we uncovered other surprising details of his life and will be sharing those through a series of articles, called “Law on The Edge.”

For details on the first part of Phil’s trip through Iraq, click here.

Of the many cities the band visited in Iraq, Phil indicated that Baghdad was his favorite stop, “We were there for several days and played multiple shows and it was really interesting to see the same people for a few days. We got to ‘hang out’ with the soldiers and really talk with them, instead of just a quick meet and greet.”

The base, called Camp Victory, was Saddam Hussein’s palatial complex which the US took over and turned into the center of operations. Phil toured the palace and had a chance to sit in Saddam’s chair. He even saw the room where Dan Rather interviewed Saddam Hussein, and remembered the scene. He took lots of pictures.

Also at Saddam’s complex, which is essentially on a manmade island, the soldiers had a big patio area next to the water. They took a grass mat, similar to what you may find at a driving range, and hit golf balls into the water. Other nights in Baghdad were spent talking with the troops about the war, home, and family. Phil was able to meet really interesting people. One is a state trooper from Idaho who invited him on a ride-along, which is probably another once in a lifetime opportunity for a criminal defense attorney!

For as much as Phil tried to thank the troops, he described the experience as “Mind boggling. You really cannot thank them enough. The troops are on the clock 24/7 doing a job that is far from home and dangerous. It is not enough to say that they do not expect, nor require to be thanked. They really just say ‘this is our job, and of course we do it, because if we didn’t do it, who else would?’”

Stay tuned to Westlaw Insider for future articles about Phil in the coming months, where the focus will be on the challenges and rewards of running a solo criminal defense practice.

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