It’s Here! Announcing the Small Law Lifestyle Website

November 2, 2011

Over the course of the past several months, our team at Thomson Reuters has been talking to many Small Law customers – from solos up to 30 attorneys.  We always knew our small law clientele were unique in their law practice, but we were impressed by the magnitude of just how unique.  The more we listened, the more interesting the stories got.  In the end, I guess you could say we were flat out inspired.  Inspired by their creativity, innovation, and drive.

We learned a lot from these interviews, and we think you will too.  Small law firm attorneys bring a certain passion to everything they do – whether it is in the office, the courtroom, or interests outside of work.  Most importantly, it is impossible to stereotype the Small Law attorney.  So, to celebrate the amazing diversity of talents within the Small Law spectrum, we’re proud to launch a new website – Small Law Lifestyle – featuring new attorneys each week.  We invite you to browse and learn about some of the most interesting people you’ll find, and like us…be inspired.